About the Journal

Aims and Scope of the Journal

The Journal of sustainable development in the global south seeks to examine all elements of scientific fields that have direct or indirect effects on the environment as well as general socioeconomic development in the Global South. The intricate interactions that take place between the forces of development and the effects on the
environment, society and economy are the focus of the JSDGS. The main objective
of contemporary research and developments in both theoretical and practical
elements of sustainable environment, economic development, and social progress
is to arrive at the ideal point of balancing the methods of achieving development
and sustainability.


Centre for Sustainable Development of the Koforidua Technical University will be the
publisher of the Journal of Sustainable Development in Global South. The Centre was
established with the goal of becoming a top-tier, internationally recognised centre for
cutting-edge research, excellent policy advice, and training in the field of sustainable

By disseminating unbiased information on public policy, technological designs, and
operational strategies to improve the environment, society, and economy, the
The Centre aims to improve the integration of sustainable development principles and
concepts in all aspects of the built and natural environment.

To fulfil the primary purpose of a top-tier research centre, which places strong
emphasis on research and its application through training, activism, and policy advice,
it is necessary to tap into a diverse range of information and viewpoints.

The Journal of Sustainable Development in Global South (JSDGS) envisages attracting
high calibre submissions because the topic of sustainability appeal to the interest of
academics and researchers not just as a field but also as one that directly affects everyone's day-to-day existence.