About CenSud

Sustainable development has become an overarching paradigm for modelling global policies, research activities, technological innovations, and advocacy programmes across international and local institutions. The central role of sustainable development as a global policy direction is anchored in several international treaties, agreements, conventions, declarations, and principles, including United Nations Convention on Sustainable Development, Agenda 21, Rio Declaration, Paris Agreement, and Agenda 2030. Ratifications of these international conventions had led to the creation of institutions structures and systems to actualize the tenets of these agreements to promote sustainable development.

Ghana, as a signatory to these global policy goals, has committed to this course. The country has over the years structured its development policies in consonance with these international goals. Thus, the Ghana Poverty Reduction Strategies, Ghana Shared Growth and Development Agenda, and the Ghana Beyond Aid Charter were all structured to address various components of sustainable development goals.

As part of the measures to respond to this critical global agenda, the Faculty of Built and Natural Environment (FBNE) of the Koforidua Technical University (KTU) seeks to establish the Centre for Sustainable Development. The aim is to contribute towards the achievement of sustainable development goals through research, policy options, and advocacy. Sustainable development has been part of the vision for the establishment of the faculty. The establishment of this Centre is to enable the faculty to accomplish maximum impact through a range of explicit channels, through which it incessantly addresses critical contemporary environmental, social, economic and political concerns. Given the ever-increasing significance of environmental and sustainability agenda such as the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), the Centre will actively engage the industry, key consortia/research bodies and the wider outreach communities. The Centre will focus on finding solutions to the sustainability challenges connected to the Built and Natural Environment, from local to global. This will be achieved through research, advocacy, policy, and training. The Centre also seek to support interdisciplinary studies to catalyze the broad and innovative knowledge base at the faculty.


To become a world-class and recognized Centre in conducting cutting-edge research, provide outstanding policy advice and training in the field of sustainable development.

Our Mission

To improve the integration of sustainable development principles and concepts in all facets of the built and natural environment by providing timely, unbiased information on policy, technologies, designs and operational techniques to enhance the environment, society and the economy.